About the team

Media experts. Creative writers. Eagle-eyed editors. Strategic thinkers. Problem solvers. Our team has collectively created powerful, story-driven content on everything from new tech to travel, financial planning to fashion, entrepreneurship to electronic music. Together, we bring together the best of all content worlds in our work.

Sarah McMahon-Sperber
Sarah McMahon-Sperber CEO & FOUNDER

A former CBC radio reporter, Sarah has spent the last decade honing her bilingual wordsy chops through journalism, politics, copywriting, content strategy, translation, speech writing, podcasting, and more. Her clients have included Nivea, Pepsi, C2 Montreal, Lindt, Breather, Mural Festival, Element AI and more.

Duncan Moore

Duncan is Content Cartel’s trusted brand specialist. Deft inquiries, crucial insights and elusive names are his stock-in-trade. When he’s not delving into Jungian archetypes, Duncan enjoys sampling orange wine and other rare commodities.

Kirsten Weisenburger
Kirsten Weisenburger COPYWRITER

Trained as a journalist, Kirsten has been creating digital content since 2000. Brands she has worked with include Fujifilm Canada, Sunbeam, Videotron, Frank & Oak and The North Face. She was also one of the early advertisers on Google’s AdWords platform and writes about digital marketing, strategy and culture.

Jennifer Morrow
Jennifer Morrow COPYWRITER

A former WNYC producer, Wall Street hack and digital strategist/data advocate for UNESCO, Jennifer revels in distilling complexity into pure simplicity. What ties it all together? Curiosity and a passion for creating content, tools and experiences that help us make sense of the world and take positive action.

Robyn Fadden

A writer, editor, journalist and broadcaster, Robyn Fadden works in the evolving spheres of professional writing, journalism, multimedia marketing and social media. She pairs 20 years of in-the-field experience with a Masters in Media Studies, specializing in refining complex information for specific audiences.

Paul de Tourreil
Paul de Tourreil COPYWRITER

A writer, translator, and teacher, Paul de Tourreil has made a lifelong habit of traveling between disparate, often contrasting worlds; developing a gift for zeroing in on the essence of a topic and designing effective delivery systems for a specified audience.

What drives us.

Why us?

Our modern content creation.

The Content Cartel team initially came together with a single purpose in mind: to create bold, high-quality, interesting content that people actually want to read. We figured how we craft that content should be just as modern: we're collaborative, diverse, culturally in touch and rooted in reality.

We challenge expectations.

Why a cartel? Derived from the Italian word for placard, the term's meaning has transformed in English into that of a written defiance or challenge. What are we challenging? Mediocre content, overused marketing speak, lifeless reportage. We strive to always connect, through fascinating new ideas, clear language and universal emotion.

Our process, process, process.

We’ve developed a meticulous process and methodology that allows us to streamline the work while guaranteeing you the highest content quality. We use user-friendly collaborative tools and have a multi-tiered editing process that means everything you receive has had at least two sets of content-minded eyes on it.

We communicate transparently, efficiently and often.

Our team is first and foremost open-minded. Open to brainstorming, feedback, constructive criticism and changes in direction. We love to be kept in the loop about what you're thinking about strategic goals, constraints and changes that might impact our work. We’ll all produce better work as a result.

We value everyone's work.

You work hard; we work hard. This is our career and passion. We’ve created a fairly fleshed-out and standardized pricing model with built-in flexibility for discussing pricing proposals dependent on project scope and longevity.

Our love of knowledge.

Clearly we love words and language. But what we really love is the effect they can have. With so much content open to interpretation, we focus on contributing clarity of meaning to a global knowledge base, creating appropriate content for every context.

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